Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finding New Books to Read

Lifehacker has a good discussion going today on the "Best Book Recommendation Service." So far the suggestions include a number of services I didn't know about, as well as options I did -- such as Goodreads and Library Thing. Got me thinking about all the ways I usually find new books.
I do use both of the above. I also follow NPR's Book feed, and listen to interviews with authors on the radio. Sometimes our area newspaper has intriguing reviews. Sometimes I'll check out the details on books suggested by Amazon's algorithm -- or Audible's recommendations for audiobooks.

Mostly I search for books on topics I've become interested in -- either because I've visited somewhere and want to learn more about it, or I saw a film or TV show that made me want to look deeper. Or I might be doing background reading for research or inspiration on a writing idea.

One of the things I love about Kindle is that you can usually download a sample chapter. I download a lot of sample chapters, and use them as kind of a "to read" list. If I like something, I hang on to the sample and buy it or check it out of the library when I'm ready to read.

My favorite way to find new books is browsing in the book/gift stores at museums. That's where I've picked up books I don't think I would have known about otherwise. And last but not least, these days I'm finding all kinds of things in the course of trying to tidy up and catalog my own out-of-control book collection. Some I didn't know I had and can't remember reading, others I'm looking forward to revisiting.

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