Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Reading Suggestions: a List of Lists

Lots and lots of summer reading lists appearing recently, as summer approaches. I thought it would be fun to share a few that vary from the more usual best seller and beach-reading recommendations:

Black sand beach, Island of Hawaii

From Science Friday: "Your Summer Science Book List." I haven't personally read any of the books listed (yet), but both fiction and nonfiction titles are suggested.

From the TEDBlog, a list of about 70 reading recommendations from favorite TED speakers

From author Antonia Hodgson, a list of 10 intriguing historical novels. I've actually read several of these, and can add my personal recommendation for the Shardlake series of Tudor-era mysteries. Start with the first one: "Dissolution." Also, Umberto Eco's, "The Name of the Rose," is a classic, and established the concept of historical mysteries as a popular genre.

The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, has compiled a bibliography of over 2,000 mystery novels set in the San Francisco Bay Area. There should be enough there to enhance your trip to California, and keep even the most avid reader busy for quite some time!


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